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 Have you heard of Crowd funding ?

The idea is to appeal to the greatest number of people to finance a project.

There are specialized online platforms that offer project owners to promote their actions on the web.

I chose the following one : 

Donors get to choose which project they decide to sponsor.

In exchange for their help, I will send the donors a thank-you gift, as a symbolic reward for their kindness.

From a simple post card, or photo calendar, to handcrafted jewelry, I have a variety of gifts for a variety of donors!


You want to know more, so I invite you to click on my project 

European Tour FTT

My ulule project

My ulule project

Here is an overview of my page. In the center column, you’ll find the project description and on the right column, there’s a detailed list of the thank-you gifts I have got for you!

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